The cover feature makes AKA the first local hip hop artist to appear on this popular lifestyle/fashion mag. the content of the interview-feature goes deep into AKA’s love for fashion, his music career, social media and influence in the current culture. We did manage to pick a number of major key points that introduce us more into the Super Mega’s lifestyle and views. And we’re glad to share with you…

AKA will be launching his own merchandise to the world

Just last month we saw AKA invading Cape Town for his much-admired ‘Super Mega Show,’ but he also launched a pop-up store to reveal some exclusive merchandise. And that was evident enough to show that AKA is looking to explore the fashion industry. The rapper revealed to GQ that he wants to get into to the business of selling’really expensive merch.’ Furthermore he revealed that he wants to have a standalone store.



He believes social media has played a major role in building his career

With over 1million followers we all know AKA is one of the major key voice when it comes local twitter. Besides countless twitter wars he has sparked on the platform, he belives social media as whole has helped him build his career at a rapid phase. ‘I’ve built a successful career, but I don’t I would have built it as quickly if I didn’t have social media,’ AKA told GQ.

AKA has a professional Photographer travelling with him most of the time


We all know it’s the thing of now, where we see artists local/international artists posting exclusive photos on their Instagram accounts. And the luxury of that comes with having a photographer by your side at most times. That’s how even AKA rolls, his Instagram tells a story of his career with photographs shot by @BlaqSmith whom the rapper admires so much. Talking to GQ, AKA revealed ‘I’m serious about Instagram, because I want everything to be of the highest quality. So I make sure I have a photographer. For the last few months he’s gone everywhere with me.’

His music ain’t about about politics


With so much of politics drama going on in our country, AKA is not influenced to include that as part of his content in his music. He revealed to GQ that his music is rather about confidence, happiness and self-worth. As much as he believes that music and politics have always been two attached subjects, AKA told the lifestyle mag ‘The kids don’t listen to the politicians. They don’t give a shit about what they have to say.’



He’s got mad love for fashion…and it’s not about spending much too much to look good

Actually 70% of the interview with GQ spoke more on AKA’s fashion sense and style. The rapper told GQ that he sides with Louis Vuitton / Gucci attire for special occasions. On spending alot on ‘suits’….‘I think suits are all about fit. A suit is about craftmanship: material, stitching, you know. So when it comes to suits, you don’t need to spend 40k on an Armani suit. You can get yourself a suit for 15-16k.’