Prodigal of VVIP real name Joseph Nana Ofori in an interview with Andy Dosty on Day Break Hitz has released some atomic bombs on SM boss Shatta Wale.

Shatta Wale is at loggerheads with VVIP and at the recently held ‘S’ concert, whilst performing on stage insulted VVIP to add insult to injury.

Prodigal who joined the program via phone indicated that Back then @shattawalegh had to apply roll-on in his armpit before meeting me. Today, the things he says about us are driven by the fame in his head.

It didn’t end there, he went ahead to say a lot of things about the dancehall king.

Read below:

I introduced Shatta Wale to Bulldog to work with.

I was the first person who helped
@shattawalegh to go to America and Canada. Ask him. I introduced him to Boogie Down.

@shattawalegh is the last person to disrespect us when it comes to rich and poor.

I started driving at the age of 15. I have seen everything. I have houses. My family have houses. I have bought houses that my family is not aware.

@shattawalegh needs prayers. That is it.

Nobody should give @shattawalegh the platform to insult people’s mothers.

I will never see @shattawalegh and attack him anywhere