Young women have revealed the things that they wish they had known before having sex for the first time – ranging from pain to bodily fluids and ‘weird’ orgasms.

Many of the 11 Americans – ranging from teenagers to women in their early 20s – admitted they had a lot of misconceptions about sex before they actually had it for the first time.

One of the women even admitted to that she was scared to show her enjoyment for fear of embarrassment, while another said she wished that she had known that the experience was supposed to be pleasurable for both parties.

Allie, 18, said she would have liked to have known that she was ‘allowed’ to enjoy sex before she got intimate with her ex-girlfriend.

‘I was almost scared to have my first orgasm because I thought she would judge me. She said it was weird to make noises during sex and stuff like that,’ she said.

June, 18, said she wished she had known that sex should make both people ‘feel good’.

Two of the women mentioned the potential discomfort of first-time sex.

Jess, 20, said she wished she had known how painful it would be, adding: ‘Your first time can hurt a lot and it might hurt for the few times after.’

But Caroline, 22, disagreed – claiming it hurt much less than she had expected.

‘It doesn’t always hurt the first time. I was so scared of the pain, but ultimately, the first time really didn’t hurt,’ she said.

Rose warned other women to be prepared for the aftermath the first time they have sex.

The 23-year-old said: ‘At first, I didn’t know what to do with all the j**z. There’s more than you think.’

She advised women to be careful throwing away the condom to avoid accidents, adding: ‘It’s not weird to use lube.’

Isabel, 20, advised that being ready for sex means feeling comfortable with the idea of the person ‘seeing you naked in full light’.

Others said they wished they had been more relaxed about losing their virginity.

Meg, 17, said she had sex for the first time when she was 14 to a man who was four years her senior and who later started being abusive.

‘I wish I had waited until I was really happy to be with a person — not just settling for them out of fear that no one else would be able to love me,’ she added.

Lauren, 22, said she had intended to lose her virginity with her high school boyfriend, her first proper relationship, but then she had her period.

She added: ‘That crushed me at the time but turned out to be a blessing in disguise: He left for school, we broke up, and he became a real jerk.’

Kaylie, 17, was dating a boy for four months before they had sex. But days later she was ‘shocked’  when he broke up with her.

‘I expected that we’d grow even closer after having sex,’ she said.

Schoolgirl Paris, 16, said having sex dramatically changed her relationship with the boy she was seeing.

‘I thought it would be just one night — I didn’t realize that I would get really attached to him. Now I can’t shake my attraction to him,’ she said.

Simone, 22, said she wished she had known that being a virgin ‘doesn’t make you a better or worse person’.